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Image by Patrick Tomasso
It's about time...

we find a new way to work.

RadicalBox is committed to solving complex Social and Environmental challenges via a collaborative approach,

that is without preconceived ideas of right and wrong, without winners and losers, and without ego.

RadicalBox believes that doing good is good for business. With stronger social structures, fairness, equality and
a shared social purpose – we can all benefit. By leveraging more of what we already have, from human capital
to physical infrastructure and IP, wealth can be shared equitably, and value created for all.


Let us help you deliver on your business goals and create true value for your communities.
With radical candour, authenticity and introspective truth, we invite you to look inside, to think outside.

RadicalOne - Lee Cooper Founder

I have remained intentionally curious in my career which has allowed me the good fortune to have worked from regional and remote parts of Australia to capital cities. I have worked as a frontline worker through to senior and executive leadership roles.


My learning approach to career development has seen me work across multidisciplinary fields including, counselling, case management,  group work, adventure-based therapy, marketing, communications, fundraising, social enterprise, research, evaluation, strategy, social impact and innovation. 

My past experiences provide me with the capabilities to learn what I need to do next to help co-create a future where all people in communities can 

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